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Providing the Best Pole Banners System

We provide an easy and reliable pole banner system to replace the traditional pole banner system’s time-consuming and expensive process. Our Letrapole Banner enables you to change or remove banners quickly.

Who Are We

The BREEZ Pole Banner System is revolutionizing the Banner landscape of Mainstreet America. Our Pole Banner systems offer the Industry’s only “Quick Change” technology vastly superior to any Pole Banner system currently available. Our patented Letrapole System has proven itself 100% successful with over a half million installations in Europe and the U.S.

The ability to instantly Change-Over and “refresh” your banners “at a fraction of the time and expense” make our BREEZ SYSTEM the LOGICAL ALTERNATIVE to standard Pole banner systems. Now hassle-free seasonal changes can be a totally affordable option, keeping your streetscape from becoming visually stale.

What We Offer

We SIMPLY Built the better Mouse Trap: Manufactured out of heavy gauge stainless steel construction, our “QUICK- CHANGE” System eliminates the expense and headaches of typical Banner Change-Overs. Our system will last a lifetime, will never go out of alignment and will handle hurricane force winds with unmatched “Wind-Spill“ Technology…exceeding the most stringent DOT safety requirements.

Our advanced spring suspension keeps the banners taut and in its original installed condition. Unlike standard banner hardware which typically consists of flimsy dowels, hose clamps and zip ties, our Letrapole System is State-of-the-art, engineered to withstand all seasonal stresses and to perform for decades.

Did we mention that banners on our largest system can be changed in under 1 minute?

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