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Patented Automated Pole Banner System


Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Change your banners in less than a minute without the need for professional equipment.



This pole banner system accommodates multiple-size banners and self-adjusts automatically.

Technologically Advanced


Our Patented Spring Loaded Technology allows our Banner System to safely absorb winds exceeding 95 mph.



We require no hose clamps, wire ties, grommets or wind slits. Your artwork will always look brilliant, as intended.
gas station

Available Sizes

  • Small – 24” x 36”
  • Medium – 24” x 55”
  • Large – 35” x 98”

Mounting Options

  • Single Banner Side Pole Assembly
  • Double Banner Side Pole Assembly
  • Single Banner Front Pole Assembly
  • Double Banner Front and Rear Assembly
  • Single Banner Façade (building surface) Assembly

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Chrome

Our Options

Community and Municipality Banner Programs

  • Beautify your local landscape while simultaneously maximizing your Town and local Business Community’s exposure

  • Eliminate the long hours spent by your DPW changing out Banners. What has taken weeks can now be done in hours!  Unparalleled Savings

  • No-Cost Banner Change-outs 3 times yearly are included with our Business Participation Program

  • Enjoy tremendous exposure and goodwill by Co-Branding with your Local Business Community .

  • Extremely powerful and effective Branding at totally affordable rates

  • World-Class in-house design and assistance available. All new QR code enhancements designed to drive immediate website traffic

    Offering Business Participation Programs which provide a NO-COST option to the Municipality 

Retail and More

  • Immediate beautification of virtually any landscape…            from parks to parking lots

  • Tremendous visibility and exposure

  • The power to draw customers in from a distance

  • Unlimited co-op advertising potential with your vendors offering all new revenue opportunities

  • Our Patented Quick Change-out system allows your In-House Staff to switch Banners as often as needed. 

  • Affordable Banners and Hardware Guaranteed to hold up to all the elements

    Offering creative Partnership programs